Our Folk Horror Comedy film Don’t Walk won Best Comedy Horror at Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2021, Best Comedy Short at Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2021 and Best Comedy at Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2021 and was winner of The Hampshire Prize at Winchester Film Festival 2020/21. Click the poster to watch the film on Vimeo.

We tried to make a nice film about a dinner party, but we made HACK instead. Click the poster to watch the film on Vimeo.

She Monster was Winner of Best Short at NOLO North London Comedy Shorts 2021.

Here’s an article about making the film in British Comedy Guide.

Where Are You Really From?

It’s ‘Guy & Doll’!

‘Milk!’ (Not for the squeamish!) **NB: If you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy please start this short film 11 seconds in!**

‘ManDate’ with Cavan Clerkin:

‘Polly, Ig & Me’:

Over 100 million views across all media!

Here’s our latest short film ‘Stud’:

I have a problem with tea. Here’s the music video for Moody Good’s Musicbx:

‘Timeholes’. A Vimeo Staff Pick and a very brave performance by Paul F Taylor:

Grime City PD

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