‘GEORGE RYEGOLD: IRON FACE IN A VELVET BEARD’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

“Dr George Ryegold has, I am delighted to report, lost none of his dyspeptic misanthropy…he is not so much close to the bone as shaving slices off it. But trust him, he is a doctor. Go and be roundly abused by Doctor George – you’ll feel better for it.” The Scotsman

‘GEORGE RYEGOLD: ADULTERATED’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

“The Doctor is in! And absolutely on form…Quite brilliant…Dr Ryegold, thank you for a memorable hour.” **** The Scotsman

“Addressing third world poverty and trends in pornography would seem straightforwardly topical if tackled by most comedians. But not for Dr George Ryegold. His scholarly, lexiconic examination of western attitudes to culture, debauchery and money is explosive. Slowly and carefully unwrapped, he immerses us in the most depraved, adulterated behaviour…This is deep, deep parody, tearing apart the faux-charity and propriety of the West, along with himself in the process, to challenge and change us.” FEST

“Dr George Ryegold is a wonderfully nonchalant creation, and his material is insightful as well as controversial…he brings comedy which is brutal, different and entertaining – although some is not for the faint-hearted! You may be left slightly scarred but you will also definitely be left in fits of laughter, even if sometimes it is the uncomfortable “I should not be laughing” kind.” **** Three Weeks

‘GEORGE RYEGOLD’S GOD-IN-A-BAG’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

The Scotsman’s ‘Top Five Comedy Shows at the Fringe’

Dave’s ‘Top 10 Funniest Jokes of the Fringe’

Chortle’s ‘Ten People Doing Unusual Things’

“Played pitch perfectly…painfully funny” Scotland on Sunday

“Dr George Ryegold is one of com­edy’s gloriously appalling monsters… an extraordinary experience.” The Scotsman

“What a neat and enjoyable hour this is. A tightly-scripted and impeccably performed comedy play…full of delicious lines and underplayed humour.” **** Spoonfed

“Proof of the existence of God, an illogically logical argument worthy  to counter Douglas Adams’s Babelfish” **** ThreeWeeks 

“A hit for those with a sharp ear for dry-witted comedy…It feels accomplished and the acting is strong but most importantly it is very funny” **** New Current

“George Ryegold bears comparison with Edmund Blackadder…Watching Toby Williams wax lyrical as the self-satisfied, lazy, corpulent and tight-fisted yet smart, educated, good-humoured Ryegold is a genuine pleasure. He lights up the stage each time he appears” The List

PRESS for the 2011 Edinburgh show ‘The Fudge Shop’:

‘Tremendous fun…it’s stuff like this that makes the Fringe great’
***** Three Weeks

‘A true Fringe oddity, charming, silly, and packed full of laughs’
**** Fringe Guru

‘Keep the audience laughing so hard there’s barely time to breathe…genuine belly laughs’

**** British Comedy Guide

PRESS for the 2010 Edinburgh show ‘The Ordeal of Dr Ryegold’:

‘Created by Toby Williams, Ryegold is, on first impressions, a reasonable man. A stern and senior Henry Higgins type to begin, he soon descends into a sort of maniacally evil Stephen Fry. A struck-off surgeon, Ryegold now spends his days mulling over his past, despising humanity and plotting against the two year old living in the flat above. Miscarriages, defecation, Harold Shipman – Ryegold may have the voice for Radio 4 but certainly not the content.

Leaving no line uncrossed, Ryegold’s horrifying impropriety is countered by his stunning grasp of language – he produces the most poetic bigotry you are ever likely to hear. When he spins a beautifully worded spiel about the Haiti earthquake, its pitch-black punch line finds the audience terrified to laugh. Ryegold’s jokes lodge in the mind: you want to repeat them but they could only work with his wonderfully wordy delivery. The articulate monster has always been a fascinating figure and, as Ryegold demonstrates, you can get away with murder if you confess in the Queen’s English.’
**** Fest

‘Developing into a character of depth, Toby Williams’ deliciously dark creation Doctor Ryegold is back and revealing more of his background this year, exceeding the bad-taste lines and creative euphemisms that characterised his promising 2009 debut.’
**** Scotsman

‘An hour of constant amusement, never has such crude, dark subject matter been diffused with such poetic eloquence and lack of remorse.’
**** Hairline

‘A hugely impressive comic monologue’
The Guardian Guide

‘Lashings of gallows humour…beautifully crafted’
The Stage

PRESS for the 2009 debut ‘Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead’:

‘…as sick as Jim Jeffries, but with the vocabulary of Stephen Fry…some of the most hilariously bad-taste lines of the festival’
**** Chortle

‘…piercing our brain sacks with images and similes which will linger long and hard in the mind…with the treacly boom of a UK Louis CK…It would be a medicinal treat to have him pacing up and down the corridors of the comedy circuit.’
**** The List

**** Three Weeks

‘Timing, delivery and a certain mischievous charisma are all in place. Ryegold describes medical procedures as if scripted by Herman Melville, in a voice as rich as David Attenborough’s – comedy’s answer to a burst colostomy bag.’
The Guardian

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